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  1. MaiFan 2010.08.30 22:36 신고  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    안녕하세요 ~ How are you? (I know unfortunately busy ㅠㅠ I’m so.)
    답변이 늦어서 죄송합니다.
    I saw new Mai PV a few photo.It’s different.

    People often do not understand my English.Fortunately,you do understand^^

    Yeah.Remains very much on here. I’m glad you like here..Now European capital of culture is Istanbul.Korea and Turkey have military ties in history and trade is still there.(Your area of expertise^.^)

    I agree.It’s difficult.Never Give Up!! We will achieve our lesson^^-- This is too tiring --

    No rain here yet -.- .

    Anyway; Kamsahamnida , Teşekkürler , Thank you , Arigatou , Gracias … !

    P.S If I reply late,I apologize in advance…
    (Saturday, Sunday is my only free time.Monday,sometimes also)

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.08.30 23:10 신고  수정/삭제

      안녕하세요. I'm good, and you?

      You got it. Turkey sent troops to Korea in 1950.
      So, I always appreciate it.

      Do you know SNSD and KARA entered the Japanese pop market recently?
      I hope that both of them are going to be successful.

      I've got to study again.
      See you.

    • MaiFan 2010.09.04 02:29 신고  수정/삭제

      I’m fine.Thanks.

      다시 답변이 늦어서 죄송합니다..

      I must hard study until examination. But I have some spare time right now.Already i'm tired -.- Fortunatily a few days after national holiday. When you don't busy?I think you need suspansion of work??

      Yes.Korea is our friend.So we always help our friend.

      Finally rain and become cool.^^

      So Nyuh Shi Dae!I like their song.Genie Japanese Ver. is good.I like that.
      My favorite TaeYeon and Sunny in group.What do U think about it?
      KARA‘mister’is good.I think there are successful.I know Big Bang.They often sing in Japanese.And Super Junior,Shinee and other are successful,too.

      In the mean time,Mai’s Summer Time Gone PV is colorful but not powerful. ‘Anywhere’like American pop.It’s good.Mai used Elektropop in her song.I like it.

      Anyway, Thank you and see you again!

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.09.04 16:36 신고  수정/삭제

      It's hot today-_-
      Fortunately, there is Korean Thanksgiving Day in this month^^
      By the way, I guess you know more about Japanese music and Korean music than I doㅎㅎ

      Did you watch the live performance of Maiちゃん on TV about new single?
      She is so beuatiful, isn't she?
      I hope I can see a live performance of her againㅠㅜ

      Well, have a nice day and see you.

    • MaiFan 2010.09.08 00:19 신고  수정/삭제

      I was late reply.I'm soo sorry...cause is:As though i'm in holiday.But I have much homework -.-

      According to you, which of them; high school or university??
      My age is young for university.And I'm in instability 'which I wanna job?'
      So i'm afraid...

      In the mean time I celebrate your Korean Thanksgiving Day^^
      K-pop yess! I like and I know.ㅎㅎ

      I watch Mai’s live.I agree she’s soo beautiful.*Sometimes I’m jealous of her^^*

      Anddd I guess I can come there and Japan in 2011 August^^(But it's not become certain yet) My expectation is it's will true^^
      -I think;I come there before you come here^^-

      I hope,may your study be easy, work is going well !
      Thank you for everything!!See you^^

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.09.08 05:36 신고  수정/삭제

      I guess you are concerned about your future job.
      I did too. Accordingly, I can tell you, you have to be optimistic about everything and experience many things. I think that if you do that, you can find what you really want to do, soon.

      I wonder if the reason you are jealous of her is that you are a female(I don't know your gender.).
      Though, I'm a male, sometimes I'm also jealous of her^^

      I'm afraid I cannot trip to your place in 2 years^^;

      OMG. It's already 5:30 a.m.
      I've got to go to bed.
      Thank you and see you.

    • MaiFan 2010.09.08 23:20 신고  수정/삭제

      Really thank you!You’re writing soo good.Soo thank you.I will think about your said.The most important is be happy do job.Thank you again.

      I’m a girl ^^ I’m jealous of her because she is really beautiful and talented.

      Don’t worry.No need to hurry.Time is fast.
      I wrote here in early 2009.
      –At the time chatbox in here (I asked about ‘Revive-Puzzle’ You didn’t promote ^^;)-
      Even was past one year^^Also passed two years^^

      Whoa! 5.30 a.m ! You must be sleepless! I can’t stay awake this time..

      Mai’s new album release in 20.10.2010.Did you see? Album cover is interesting.

      Thanks for you!Bye for now...

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.09.09 18:41 신고  수정/삭제

      I'm glad I could help.
      Oh, you're a girl! I've been confused about it up to now^^;

      Yeah, I remember that I used the cbox in 2009.
      However, It was deleted on my blog, because it was a little inconvenient.

      Thank you for your concern about me.
      I'm a little bit tired, but I'm okay.

      Yes, I did. The jacket is a little scaryㅎㅎ, but I think it's not bad.

      Well, take care and see you.

    • MaiFan 2010.09.11 22:43 신고  수정/삭제

      ㅎㅎㅎ Previosly I didn’t talk about it.So I do not care.
      Now you know I'm a girl.ㅎㅎ...

      Agree,Chatbox is a inconvenient.It’s better.

      No need to thank^^You will be regarded as my friend.I always think about my friends’ health.I hope You are fine now.
      By the way wheather well become cool.Please be careful to influenza^^

      I agree.Cover is scary.Still Mai-chan don’t add ‘Boyfriend’ single in her album.

      I want to say I think your English much more better than me.(*^^*)I hope you understand my bad English.You said you'd understand, but still worried...

      I’m still in national holiday. Until next Monday.After this vacation will not be.ㅠㅠ

      항상 감사드립니다. 건강 조심하세요!
      그럼 수고하세요!

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.09.12 23:50 신고  수정/삭제

      It's getting a little cool but there are a lot of mosquitoes.
      I killed four mosquitoes last night.ㅎㅎ

      I have to write a paper about Japanese grammar.
      Therefore, I can't take a break on this Korean Thanksgiving Dayㅠㅜ

      If you don’t mind, I want to exchange the next messages with you by e-mail.
      However, it's just a proposal.

      Well, have a nice week.

    • MaiFan 2010.09.14 00:40 신고  수정/삭제

      Mosquitoes.Yeah here a lot of,too.I’m not resourceful as you.I can not cope.
      So sometimes I can’t sleep.ㅠㅠ.I have learned it from you ㅎㅎ

      Japanese grammar..Umm I guess you good in Japanese.I hope, You can take a break soon.
      I think you being too tired..

      If not make mistake,You ask me talk on MSN.Right? I don’t mind.It’s no problem.OK.

      But I'm a little busy these days.Sorry..When I appropriate,I send my MSN here or add you.
      Unfortunately I do not often online.

      And,thank you very much! Take care of yourself .See you..

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.09.14 22:26 신고  수정/삭제

      I mean, It means e-mailing. (It didn't mean instant messaging.)
      I think this guestbook is inconvenient to have a private conversation.
      But it's your choice.

      Thank you for your concern.
      Well, see you.

    • MaiFan 2010.09.14 23:09 신고  수정/삭제

      I understand.I'm really so sorry..

      You are right.It would be better.
      I apologize for my mistakes.
      I do not this mistake again..
      If personal issues,I'll send an e-mail.

      Thank you for taking the time...

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.09.15 20:26 신고  수정/삭제

      There's nothing for you to be sorry about.
      Thank you for your consideration^^

  2. MaiFan 2010.08.14 18:27 신고  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    greenkei 님! 안녕하세요 ~ 어떻게 지내세요?

    Did u see new Mai Kuraki's magazines? Mai is very beautiful^^And Detective Conan Opening (Summer Time Gone) really good for me.Song is different from other songs.What do you think about it?
    The song was introduced on MUSIC FOCUS.-If I'm not mistaken-

    I continue to learn Korean.(I love learning languages^^I enjoy learning Korean^.^)But I have a few question in my mind.I would like to ask you of course when you have the appropriate.(If you don't want my question,it's ok.I don't ask you.No problem.You're not my teacher^^)I know already you're soo busy.ㅠㅠ

    Anyway,감사드립니다 ...Have a goodday!

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.08.14 20:31 신고  수정/삭제

      I'm good and you?
      Yes, I did. She is so beautiful. The song wasn't as good as I thought it would be, though.
      It is scheduled for broadcast on August 25 on MUSIC FOCUS about the new single.

      I'm preparing a next semester for getting the scholarship, too.
      So, I can't help you now. The main reason is my English that is not so goodㅜㅠ
      I'm so sorry about that.
      Well, I'd appreciate it if you could leave the message once in a while.
      Thank you for everything. Have a good time.

    • MaiFan 2010.08.15 22:30 신고  수정/삭제

      Thank you.I'm fine.Are you a student?In university??I didn't know it.You need to work well.I hope everything will be fine.I will go to university in next semester.So I understand you.^^

      I think u're very good in English.

      As far as I understand,you didn't like Summer Time Gone.What's your favorite Mai's song?

      And 16 August is Tanabata Fest. in Japan.You can make a wish.Wish topics is:to be successful,love,health,be lucky and peaceful can select only 2 of these subject.I wonder you wish??If you don't want tell me.It's ok.It's maybe special.

      Also,thank you everything.And reply.Thanks

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.08.15 22:49 신고  수정/삭제

      Yes, I'm a university student.

      Your guess was right. I like the songs in the first album.

      Um…, I wish to be successful and healthy:D

      Have a nice week!

    • MaiFan 2010.08.17 21:42 신고  수정/삭제

      Woow!University!What is your study?So what's your job in future?*Curious*(As I said;if you don't tell me,it's ok.^^)University life is soo hard.I'd appreciate you.

      First album.I agree.But Time after time,Stand up and some other songs are good.

      Our wishes for the same^^I hope our dream will come true^^

      Greenkei!You are conversable.But I thing I'm soo boringㅠㅠ.You're very good people.And you are patient.Cause I do a lot of questions^^Thank you for taking the time.This is not a farewell^^I'll ask more questions^^I wish I could use MSN.I know I'm talkative.XD.

      Anyway thanks a lot.(^.^)'

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.08.17 21:45 신고  수정/삭제

      My major is International Trade.
      So, I wanna be a trade agent between Japan and the other country.

      What a coincidence! I hope so:D

      Yes, I'm occasionally on MSN, especially at night.

    • MaiFan 2010.08.19 01:41 신고  수정/삭제

      I'd appreciate you once again.
      I hope and I believe you'll be successful in your job^^Maybe you do business with my country? (^o^)
      I have not decided yet, but if dealing with trade then I'll help you^^
      I wish continued your success.

      In the meantime,One Korean in a TV Show in here.He said, Approximately 2000 Korean in Istanbul.Soo much??^^

      You like Japan, me too (and Korea)...Even saw,I say: ‘Whao!Look look!Korean(or Japan) boy(or girl)’ Hahaha :D

      Korean and Japanese students are very much here,too(I'm not in Istanbul.I'm in capital.)I see them every morning in bus.^^I talked with Japanese student because I know little Japanese.Yet I couldn't talk to Korean cause you know I don’t know Korean.ㅠㅠ

      In fact I'm don't more talk.ㅎㅎ.Somehow I'm asking too many questions to you.I'm soo sorryㅠㅠ

      Anyway,Kamsahamnida,good evening!
      Edit:Ups.Time difference.Good night!!

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.08.20 01:01 신고  수정/삭제

      Thanks. I'll strive for success.
      I want to trade with your country as well.
      Also, I'm grateful for your help.

      I'm interested in the TV show you watched:D

      As far as I know, the Turkish are interested in Asian, especially the Korean and the Japanese.
      Oh, you're living in Ankara, right!? I haven't lived in the capital. I've lived in Incheon where there is Incheon International Airport that was chosen as the World's Best Airport Award 2009.

      Don't be anxious because I don't care.

    • MaiFan 2010.08.20 20:53 신고  수정/삭제

      You said: “I'll strive for success” I support you. If there are issues to be helped,I will help you^^

      ㅎㅎㅎㅎ His name is Yoon Gil (In Tv show)He is very funny.He sometimes speaks Korean.But he know my language. :D

      Yes I’m in Ankara.If you come to see you here and maybe I ordered food for you*hospitable*^^Incheon!? There is soo beautiful.I like there.^^Incheon Airport is great.Umm i want to go there. ㅠㅠ.I hope I can come in the future.(Probably next year^^Maybe after two yearsㅠㅠ)


      P.S -- My course is starts. Often can’t write. I can reply later.sorry…
      Thank you everything…

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.08.21 12:31 신고  수정/삭제

      I don't know who he is at all^^;
      If I go to Turkey, I will certainly visit your place.
      I am also going to start the new semester.
      Well, take care of yourself!
      See you.

      PS. It's still so hot here. OTL

    • MaiFan 2010.08.22 21:38 신고  수정/삭제

      If you come,i’ll be very happy./(^_^)/ I'll do a tour guide.We can travel to Ankara.Of course if you want it ^^
      --In fact my English grammar is bad.But I hope I can understand you.--

      New semester would be difficult for us.I hope it will be easier.

      Good news;it was cool.I guess you don’t like hot,too.Cold better than hot for me^^

      Please 건강 조심하세요!

      See you later!^^

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.08.24 21:07 신고  수정/삭제

      I hope so:D
      I've watched a documentary about Turkey.
      There are a lot of remains beautiful and peculiar there.

      I have no problems understanding your English.

      I have a curriculum difficult to study for me-_-; But don't give up!

      Yes, I do. So, I'm looking forward to this fall.
      Fortunately, it rains today. ㅎㅎ


  3. MaiFan 2010.07.27 23:23 신고  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    안녕하세요 ^^

    어떻게 지내? -- I'm afraid of making mistakes when writing.I hope it's true (*^^*) --

    I watched the new CM.Mai looks so cute^^

    It's cool here today.I hope not become hot again.What is the weather there?

    I was very write.In addition look busy.

    In the meantime:Is the picture (on the home page) from K-ON's final episode?
    It's remember me the festival of Tanabata in Japan.

    건강 조심하세요! (I think I've learned because of you -good teacher-)^.^

    항상 감사드립니다 !

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.28 00:51 신고  수정/삭제


      어떻게 지내? -- I'm afraid of making mistakes when writing.I hope it's true (*^^*) --
      Re: The sentence is grammatically correct, even though informal, The formal Sentence is '어떻게 지내세요?'. Anyway, My answer is "I'm good:)".

      I watched the new CM.Mai looks so cute^^
      Re: I did it, too^^ She looks pretty beautiful.

      It's cool here today.I hope not become hot again.What is the weather there?
      Re: It began to cool a little here.

      I was very write.In addition look busy.
      Re: Yes, I am. I'm afraid I'm pretty busy for the next 2~3 yearsㅠㅜ

      In the meantime:Is the picture (on the home page) from K-ON's final episode?
      Re: It's just that I picked up the image from a website because I like the anime^^

      Well, Have a good day!

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.28 20:08 신고  수정/삭제


      You look very eager to learn it(o^-')b
      I think that the word order of Korean is similar to Turkish.

      I'm thankful to you for your encouraging words.
      I also hope things will work out well for you!

    • MaiFan 2010.07.28 20:25 신고  수정/삭제

      I made a mistake again.T.T Fortunately,my grammar is correct.I bought a Korean dictionary.Continue to learn!!Korean grammar is very similar to my language..I've learned that:they are in the same language family.I will investigate^^

      You've answered every question.This has made me very happy.Kamsahamnida!

      You said 'I'm afraid I'm pretty busy for the next 2~3 years'
      ---I hope it goes well for you.

      I think next year will be very difficult for me.I will be a crucial test.Very stressful..But summer holiday now.So I often follow your site(^.^)I'm very happy!

      Anyway take care of yourself!

    • MaiFan 2010.07.29 00:05 신고  수정/삭제

      Thank you!!

      I'll write too little messages.I will not write even 2-3 years.*Just kidding*.Are you mad at my jokes?So I'm sorry..(If you want,I'll not write any messages?)

      U are already busy.Altogether thank you for taking the time.
      Anyway take care of yourself!

      (in the meantime Korean singers are very good.I saw here SNSD-Gee Instrumental.-Gee gee baby baby-I like it and other singer's songs^^)

      Kamsahamnida for everything^^

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.29 20:26 신고  수정/삭제

      I don’t care.
      If you wanna talk to me more, add me to your messenger.

      Skype: greenkeism

    • MaiFan 2010.07.29 21:58 신고  수정/삭제

      Thank you for your MSN address.Unfortunately I don't use MSN much(Because I will be tested.Often cannot open MSN.)**But very nice to talk to you**.I'll add you when appropriate.^^

      You gave me the determination to test.Now I'm going to study.(-.-)'

      I hope everything will be fine!
      And I hope I did not busy with my personal problems.

      I am grateful to you.Thank you so much!
      I hope you understand me.Because I know some English,Japanese and Spanish.In the future I'll know Korean^^

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.30 21:26 신고  수정/삭제

      I understand your point of view.
      There's no need to hurry, so take your time^^
      Well, have a nice weekend(*^ー^)ノ

  4. MaiFan 2010.07.18 03:00 신고  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    안녕하세요 ^.^

    Mai's new single 'Summer Time Gone' release on 8/31.Did you listen it? How do U think about it? Because -probably- you didn't like Revive/Puzzle.

    Anyway...Sorry.My English not so good and I don't know Korean.

    Thank you...

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.18 21:41 신고  수정/삭제


      Yes, I did it. When I listened to the music, It seemed like a Korean music:D

      No, of course not. I like music itself in the 31st Single now.

      Her zaman teşekkür ederim. Have a good day.

    • MaiFan 2010.07.18 22:19 신고  수정/삭제

      Thank you for your reply.You make me happy ^.^
      You surprised me ㅎㅎㅎ(You've answered in my language)
      thank U verryy muchh!!

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.19 20:48 신고  수정/삭제

      I was impressed by your greetings in Korean, too.
      Someday, I wanna go to Turkey for the trip^^
      I'm so grateful to you.

    • MaiFan 2010.07.20 23:07 신고  수정/삭제

      Your answers makes me happy...

      I'm glad you want to come here ^.^
      I hope your wish come true.

      I hope i can go to Korea too >.<
      And i wanna learn Korean.(I began to learn so i started listening to Korean artists ^^)


    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.21 21:57 신고  수정/삭제

      If you come here, I'll treat you to a meal.

      Lately, it's getting hot in here@_@;
      Therefore, I think you should avoid traveling in Korea nowadays^^;

      Anyway, Kendine iyi bakın.

    • MaiFan 2010.07.22 02:07 신고  수정/삭제

      Thank you for the treat meals.When you come here i'll order Turkish food for you or i can cook for U :D

      ---> I sent too many messages.I hope it wouldn't a problem. <---

      Also,very hot here too.I think you should come here in spring.
      In the meantime,thanks for your proposed.

      스스로를 부탁해
      (I mean:Take care of yourself.I hope it is true.Because you're right in my language^^)

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.22 21:57 신고  수정/삭제

      I'd appreciate it. Also, never mind about that.
      I won't forget your proposal^^
      I'm afraid your sentence is wrong, but it's okay.
      The correct sentences are:
      건강 조심하세요. (formal)
      건강 조심해. (informal)

      Anyhow, thank you for leaving message.
      Even though it's hot, have a nice day!

    • MaiFan 2010.07.23 00:07 신고  수정/삭제

      I'm sorry for misspelling T.T
      Thank you for teaching the correct ^^

      The most important,i hope i didn't engage? I apologize if it was so...

      Thank you very much for taking the time.
      No need to take back the reply.

      See U !

  5. 별빛바람 2010.07.17 00:06 신고  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    안녕하세요 ~

    greenkei님 덕분에 유릿페님과 피디박스에서 자료 주고받고 있어요(저에게는 메일로 보내주시고요...^^)

    다름이 아니라

    三枝夕夏 IN db THURSDAYLIVE 2005.06.09 오늘 발견했는데...

    분할로 저장하는 법은 알겠는데 하나로 저장하는 법 혹시 알고계시면 다운받게 해주실수 있으실까 해서요^^;;; 입니다...

    항상 감사드려요 ~ ~ ~

    ps. 쿠라키마이 뉴 싱글이 8월 31일날 발매된데요~

    또 2종류로^^:;;; 아니 세종류인가 네종류인가요 (FC반, 팬클럽반으로도 나온다더라구요~같은건지모르겠지만^^;;;)

    기대되네요 ~ 초회한정반에 특별영상 들어간다고 해서...사야할지 어떨지 궁금하네요^ _ ^ ;;;

    그럼 앞으로도 잘 부탁드립니다 ^ ^

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.17 02:38 신고  수정/삭제

      파일 자체가 서버별로 분할되어 있어서, 상당히 애먹었어요-_-;
      부디 이쪽 사이트에 관한 요청은 자제 부탁합니다.
      비번은 이전과 같습니다.

      저도 마이상의 싱글 소식을 대충 보았는데요,
      오랜만에 아이카상이 작곡해 주셔서 기대되네요^^

    • 별빛바람 2010.07.17 10:36 신고  수정/삭제


      컴퓨터에 관해 자세히 아시는 것 같아서...

      저는 greenkei님이시라면 아마도 간단하게 하게 될 줄 알았거든요...시간 많이 쓰신 것 같아 너무너무 죄송해요...m(_ _)m

      부탁드릴 분이 greenkei님 뿐이라서요...^^;;;

      네~ 앞으로는 조심하겠습니다 ~ ~ ~잊지 않을께요.

      다시한 번 더 감사드립니다 ! ! !

      아, 저도 작곡가 아이카상이라 기대되네요...
      코난 타이업 곡이 된 것도 기쁘구요...^^

  6. 유릿페 2010.07.11 16:25 신고  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    그린케이님 안녕하세요~

    요즘 보내주신 빵공장 라이브 정말 잘 보고 있어요.

    정말 볼때마다 즐겁습니당ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ(다시 한번 감사를 드리며...__)

    근데 이 많은 빵공장 라이브 중에 마이상꺼는 가지고 계시지 않으신가요?

    그냥 보다가 궁금해서 여쭈어봅니다.

    • 별빛바람 2010.07.12 13:33 신고  수정/삭제

      빵공장 라이브 일정표에요...
      쿠라키마이는 없다고 볼 수 있죠;;;

      거의 빵공장에서 라이브는 한 적이 없다고 봅니다...

      그 대신 쿠라키마이의 경우에는

      판매되는 라이브DVD가 올라왔었기에 볼 수 있었죠

      Brilliant Cut~Mai Kuraki Live & Document~

      저는 위의 DVD 1개 구입했는데 DVD rip 다운받는 것은 이 구입한 것 제외하고 다 받을 수 있었거든요 지금도 컴속에 있구요^^;;;

      빵공장에서 부른 것은 유투브에서 I'll be there정도 랄까요...아마도...

      저도 같은 방문자이고 쿠라키마이, 사에구사유카, 아이우치리나 좋아해요...잘 부탁드리며 댓글 달아봤어요...^ ^

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.12 18:18 신고  수정/삭제

      아래 파일 중 첫 번째 것은 어느 하드에 있는지 몰라서 결국 못 찾았습니다.
      시간이 없는 관계로 찾다가 포기한 점 이해해 주세요^^;
      THURSDAY LIVE at hills パン工場「MICHAEL JACKSON NIGHT」(2003.08.28)
      THURSDAY LIVE at hills パン工場「最後の夏休み special NIGHT」(2005.08.25)
      GIZA studio R&B PARTY at the Hills “パン工場” [堀江] vol.1

      2개라도 받으시려면, 아래 링크로 다운로드해주세요. 비번은 이전과 같습니다.

    • 별빛바람 2010.07.12 18:43 신고  수정/삭제

      안녕하세요 ~

      앗, 못 봤던 빵공장 라이브네요...

      저도 같이 받을 수 있을까요 ?


      부탁드릴께요 m (_ _) m

      일단 다운은 같이 했는데요...

      비번을 모르겠네요^^;;;

    • 유릿페 2010.07.12 19:04 신고  수정/삭제

      별빛바람님 그린케이님 둘다 감사드립니다...ㅜㅠ

      정말 그린케이님은 안가지고 계신게 없네요... 항상 죄송합니당ㅠㅠ

      그리고 이렇게 맨날 직접 다운받게 해주시니, 몸둘바를 모르겠습니다.ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

      다시한번 너무 고맙습니당...남은 한달 반 동안 다 볼수있도록 노력을 해봐야겠어요..지금 5개 봤어요
      (참고로 9월달에 입대예정입니다..학교를 한살 빨리가서 미루다 미루다 9월달로 결정을 했어요..)
      군대가기전에 빙기자분들의 좋은 노래들을 하나씩 하나씩 귀에 익혀두고 싶어서 그런지 요즘은 mp3를 귀에서 떼어놓질 못하겠네요..
      특히 요즘은 맨날 듣던 가넷크로우노래를 들으면 그냥 슬프네요...ㅜㅠ

      잡소리가 길었네요.ㅋㅋㅋ 그냥 흘려들어주세요..

      아무쪼록 바쁘신데 다시한번 감사드립니다.

      별빛바람님도 이렇게 길게 답글을 써주셔서 감사드립니다...

      저도 기자아티스트 중에 유카, 리나, 마이상 다 좋아합니다. 이적하신 카미키 아야상까지 포함해서요ㅎㅎㅎ 저도 유카상때문에 여기 들렸다가 여러 아티스트를 접하게되어서 정말 영광이라고 생각해요..저도 잘 부탁드립니다... 아참 그리고 위에 써주신 영상이 무엇인지 조끔 궁금하네요..... 저는 보지 못한것이라.. 혹시 공유 받을수 있을까요? ㅠㅜ

    • 별빛바람 2010.07.12 19:36 신고  수정/삭제

      >>> 유릿페님

      쿠라키마이 영상 관련해서요

      쿠라키마이 공식사이트에서 DVD에서 없으신 것 있으시다면...

      혹시 피디박스 가입해계신다면

      로 놀러오세요 (?)

      안 갖고 계신 것 저도 공유해드릴꼐요...

      greenkei님처럼 고급스럽게 간단하게
      공유해드리는 방법은 몰라서요^^;;;

      근데 greenkei님께서도 갖고 계실지도 모르겠네요 ^_^

      아, 위에 쓴 Brilliant Cut~Mai Kuraki Live & Document~는 제가 구입한것밖에 없어서 공유가 안 되구요~나머지 다른 DVD는 다 공유할 수 있어요...

      또, 다른 쿠라키마이 TV방영 파일이라든가 기타 등등...도 있긴있구요^ ^

      군대...저의 오빠가 98년에서 2000년에 걸쳐서(?)
      갔다왔는데 굉장히 걱정되던걸요...잘 다녀오시길 바래요

      그럼 댓글 바랍니다...^ - ^

      가넷크로우 B'z 카미키아야 저도 좋아해요...

      특히 사에구사유카를 제일 좋아한답니다 ! ^ ^
      물론 쿠라키마이, 아이우치리나도요...^ ^

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.12 20:15 신고  수정/삭제

      별빛바람님 //
      비번은 아래 첨부된 이미지 파일을 참고해 주세요.
      압축파일의 비번은 별빛바람님 IP의 x자리 숫자입니다. (

      안타깝게도 피디박스는 가입하지 않아서 접속은 못 하겠네요^^;

      유릿페님 //
      곧 입대하시는군요. 건강히 잘 다녀오셨으면 좋겠습니다.
      요즘은 군대 환경도 많이 개선되어서 생활이 크게 불편하지는 않으실 거예요.
      아무튼 건강이 제일이므로, 저처럼 군 병원 생활은 경험하지 마시고, 무사히 전역하시길 바라겠습니다^^

    • 별빛바람 2010.07.12 20:57 신고  수정/삭제


      잘 받았습니다^^ 감사합니다...

      항상 부탁드리고 받기만해서 죄송하네요...

      기쁜 마음 가득합니다...


      그럼 10주년 라이브 빼고 올려놓을께요

      혹시 또 필요하신 것 있으시면 말씀주시고요~

      저도 가넷크로우 파일 부탁드릴꼐요 ^ -^v

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.13 18:35 신고  수정/삭제

      별빛바람님 //
      즐감하시길 바랄게요.
      늘 찾아와 주셔서 제가 더 감사하죠.

      유릿페님 //
      그렇게 느끼셨나요^^;
      사실 한참 즐거울 때나, 하기 싫은 일을 앞에 두고 있을 때,
      시간이 빨리 가는 듯하잖아요.
      그러므로 입대하시기 전까지 하시고 싶으신 것 맘껏 하시길 바랄게요'')/

    • 유릿페 2010.08.04 00:33 신고  수정/삭제

      별빛바람님 감사합니당!

      디비디는 10주년 기념라이브밖에 보지 못했습니다..ㅜ

      맨날 10주년 라이브만 돌려보고 있어요..

      제가 클럽박스밖에 몰랐는데 피디박스라는 것도 있군요.. 처음봅니당@@ 지금 당장 피디 박스 가입할게욧~

      갖고 계신거 공유를 해주신다니 정말 감사하네용...

      제가 다른거 찾기 힘들고해서 그냥 봤던것만 계속보는 습관을 가지고 있어서 그런지 마이상께서 저렇게 많이 디비디를 내신줄은 몰랐습니다..ㅜㅠ

      마이상티비파일은 유투브나 클럽박스에서 몇개 다운한걸 가지고 있네용...

      제가 마지막 글을 쓰고난 후 밥을 먹고 와서 답글을 바로 못드렸네요... 죄송합니당.

      유카상 저도 제일 좋아합니다.. 유카상 덕분에 다른 아티스트를 만날수 있었기 때문에 더더욱 정감이 가네요..^^

      그리고 가넷 크로우 영상에 관한 것인데 유카상 노래,영상만 계속보다가 우연히 가넷크로우를 알게되어서 이것저것 하나씩 구글 검색이나 피투피 등을 통해서 모은게 있는데요. 필요하시면 전부 공유해드릴게요.(TV 라이브,빵공장, PV, DVD 전부다 가지고있어요ㅋㅋㅋ)

      그럼 일단 저는 피디박스에 우선 가입을 할게요~.

      아참 계속 여기다가 글을 적으면 도배가 될것 같아서 그러는데 제 메일 하나 적어놓고 갈게요. 그럼 수고하세요@@

      (메일 주소는 삭제할게요 (__) 그린케이님 수고하세요^^)

      //답글을 달고 나니 그린케이님께서 덧글을 달아주셨네요.. 그린케이님께서는 군에서 병원 생활을 하셨나보네요..자세한 사연은 잘 모르겠지만 무사히 전역을 하셔서 다행이십니당..^^ 한달 반쯤 뒤에 입대하는데 벌써 무사히 "전역하시길 바랍니다" 라는 말을 들으니깐 몇일뒤에 군입대하는 느낌입니당.ㅋㅋㅋ

  7. 유릿페 2010.07.05 16:38 신고  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기


    밑에 생일 이야기가 나와서 그러는데 어제는 가넷크로우 나카무라 유리의 생일이였어요 ㅋㅋ 그린케이님도 생일 축하드립니당...^^

    무슨 시험인지는 모르겠지만(?) 잘 보셨길 바랍니다..^^

    그린케이님께서 링크걸어주신걸로 받으니깐 속도가 엄청나네요... 여러개 동시에 눌렀다가 컴퓨터 하드에서 엄청 소리가 크게 나서 하나씩 차례대로 받았어요..

    어제 새벽 2시쯤에 파일들을 다 받은 후에 윈라 3.93 버전으로 1번 압축파일을 누르고 "여기에 풀기"를 누르고

    저는 잠을 잤어요.... 들뜬 마음으로 잠을 청한 후 아침에 일어나서 확인을 해보니 "CRC 실패"라는 문구가 떴어요... 압축파일 풀때는 항상 아무것도 켜두지 않고 압축이 풀릴때 까지는 아무것도 건들지 않는데 에러가 떠서 살짝 당황했어요 ㅠㅠ

    에러 내용은 이렇습니당...

    ! F:\downloads\to_---.part03.rar: 암호화된 파일 LIVE at hills パン工場\SATURDAY LIVE -ROCK NIGHT-

    (2007.05.05 BGV.JP).wmv에서 CRC 실패(암호가 틀리나요?)
    ! F:\downloads\to_---.part05.rar: 암호화된 파일 LIVE at hills パン工場\THURSDAY LIVE -KISHIMOTO

    NIGHT- (2007.03.01).wmv에서 CRC 실패(암호가 틀리나요?)
    ! F:\downloads\to_---.part09.rar: 암호화된 파일 LIVE at hills パン工場\[080308]Saturday Live at

    ! F:\downloads\to_---.part10.rar: 암호화된 파일 LIVE at hills パン工場\[080419]Saturday Live at

    HILLS BREAD FACTORY~OOM NIGHT.wmv에서 CRC 실패(암호가 틀리나요?)
    ! F:\downloads\to_---.part13.rar: 암호화된 파일 LIVE at hills パン工場\上木彩矢(Kamiki Aya) -

    2006-06-22 Thursday Live Kamiki Night.rmvb에서 CRC 실패(암호가 틀리나요?)

    압축비번은 밑에 있는 여기에 들어가서 확인을 했어요.

    일단 이렇게 나와서 침착하게 글을 클립보드에 복사한 후에 압축풀린것 부터 확인을 해보니 다른것들은 재생이 잘 됩니다...재생이 잘 되긴 되는데 살짝 찝찝하네요 ㅠㅠㅜㅜ

    혹시나 하는 마음에 다시 한번 1번파일을 누르고 압축풀기를 하였는데도 같은 메시지가 떳어요...

    윈라가 이상한가 싶어서 압축시대로 풀어봐도 암호가 이상하다고 하네요... 압축시대로 에러난거 중에 하나만 풀어보니깐 이렇게 나와요..

    압축시대 : 에러 발생: LIVE at hills パン工場\SATURDAY LIVE -ROCK NIGHT- (2007.05.05 BGV.JP).wmv(잘못된 암호)

    힘들게 공유 해주셨는데 이렇게 되다니 상당히 우울합니다 ㅠㅠ....

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.05 19:05 신고  수정/삭제

      어제 유리상의 생일이었군요:)

      제가 압축을 풀어보니 에러가 있어서 2개의 파일이 안 풀어졌습니다.
      유릿페님께서는 5개의 파일이 에러가 나서 안 풀어지셨다기에
      그 파일들만 다시 압축했습니다. 이번엔 확인하고 보내드립니다^^;
      번거롭게 해 드려서 죄송합니다ㅠㅜ

    • 유릿페 2010.07.05 20:04 신고  수정/삭제

      이번엔 잘 풀어지네요...^^

      총파일 크기가 23.0기가 파일52개 맞죠?ㅎㅎㅎ

      재생해보니깐 잘 나옵니당ㅎㅎ

      그리고 번거롭게 해드린것은 저인데 ㅠㅜ 정말 감사드려요...

      아참, 그리고 압축시대로 에러난것만 골라서 풀어보니깐 압축다푼다음에 에러발생이라는 문구가 나온다음 압축이 풀린 폴더를 보니깐 압축이 풀려있네요....그거 혹시나해서 재생해보니깐 재생이 또 되네요....ㅠㅜ 윈라는 에러문구 뜬다음에 압축을 푼 폴더를 확인해보니깐 에러난 파일자체가 생기지도 않던데.... 첨부터 압축시대로 풀껄 그랬네요...

    • BlogIcon writer_z 2010.07.05 22:41 신고  수정/삭제

      네, 말씀하신 크기와 파일 개수 맞습니다.

      압축시대로 풀어서 에러가 발생한 파일을 재생할 경우, 재생 중간에 끊김이 발생할 수 있으므로,
      다시 올려 드린 파일로 보관하시는 게 좋을 듯싶습니다.
      그럼 즐겁게 감상하시길 바랍니다^^




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